Honeymoon Island State Park, Dunedin Florida

Honeymoon Island State Park, Dunedin Florida

honeymoon-palms-287x191Looking for a tropical get-away for a day? Take a quick drive over Dunedin’s Causeway Blvd. to discover a gem in Central Florida.

Honeymoon Island, a barrier island west of Dunedin Florida, got its name in 1939 when a New York developer built 50 palm-thatched huts and advertised it as a get-away for newlyweds. Originally part of a larger barrier island that was split in half during a major hurricane, Honeymoon Island now hosts a passenger ferry – across the aptly named “Hurricane Pass” – to neighboring Caladesi Island.

Activities include swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, picnicking in one of the many pavilions,  bird watching – including an American (Bald) Eagle Nest, and hiking the trails of the island. Be cautious of mosquitos and of rattlesnakes in the wilderness areas. Both can bite – one a bit annoying and causing severe itching, the other possibly deadly. Bring bug repellent and please be aware of your surroundings.

The park closes at sunset, but does make allowance for those awed by the beautiful sunsets on the Gulf of Mexico.

There is a modest access fee per vehicle, and a reasonable charge to ride the ferry to Caladesi Island, but both are well worth the trip. The parking fee is covered if you have a Florida State Park pass – and if you’re a U.S. Military Veteran there is a discount on the yearly parking pass.

I give this park a 4 out 5 stars and our family visits at least once per month.